Paintball is a team sport, similar to many other “ball” oriented sports, where 2 or more teams, strive to achieve a goal. What makes it most exciting is the Equipment and Gears. Paintball guns called "Markers" look and feel like real guns, and are powered through gas. What is used as bullets, are balls filled with paint inside, which splits open when it hits a surface, leaving a bright color mark. For more information, Click here.

It’s advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing. At the field you might be hit by a Paintball which is filled with water soluble and stain-free paint, and also running around and possibly crawling on the ground. Therefore, prepare your clothing keeping that point in mind. The only restriction we have is that all players must be wearing a closed toe, comfortable, some sort of shoe that won’t disturb for your play. Due to safety reasons sandals or flip-flops are not allowed on the playing fields. For our tips on getting ready for Paintball, Click here.

Yes, Paintball is one of the safest sports in the world. Insurance statistics rank it as less of a risk than even Golf. Yes, it does require usage of proper equipment, and safety guidelines have to be followed. As the paint in the Paintballs, is non-toxic and you don’t need to worry about any skin effects or any other side effects. Our fields are unique and follow international safety guidelines, and we maintain a 100% safety record. For more info, Click here.

Only if you get shot, it stings for a couple of seconds, and then as you prepare to shoot the guy who fired at you, you forget about it. We strictly recommend, safety rules of no close firing. Also you are covered with the coveralls that we provide you with. Well, if you are still scared, then you can sit out at the bench and watch others having fun!

Yes, Paintballs are made of gelatin which is non-chemical, bio-degradable and water soluble. So even if it goes into your mouth, nothing will happen. Its easily washable with soap and water.

The duration depends on the Package you choose and the way your game has tailor made for you. Maximum a game will extended for 1 – 3 hours.

Depending on the game format you are playing, either you take a break for a couple of minutes and re-enter the game, or you can join in the next match. We give you some freedom to decide the game rules you want to play with, but you must stick to the safety & field rules.

No experience is required. Special attention is given to the beginner players in game preparations, to guarantee you have confidence at our fields.

10 to 55! Paintball is loved by adults as well as children! Children in age of 10-16 are allowed with one parent/guardian outside the field. The payment formalities and signing waiver forms need to be fulfilled by the parents or the guardian.

Parents need to know about the nature of the activity and decide for themselves whether their particular child is mature enough to participate in Paintball. To assist you with this decision, please contact our friendly staff members on our helpline for further information. Our knowledgeable staff members will gladly answer any of your questions and provide you with advice that will help when making your decision.

Yes, all players must sign waiver forms, before they play.

ONE FOUR BASE provides various Food & Beverage options along with gaming, which can be discussed at the time of booking. We also have special meal arrangements for Birthday Parties, or large Corporate bookings. Please discuss your requirements with our team. They will be glad to help you. For further details, Contact Us.

For a good Paintball session, the more, the merrier! You can enjoy more variety of games with a larger group. But if you are not able to get a group together, don’t worry. We can help you with that.

Don’t worry, all you need to do give us a phone call or email us, as soon as you can and let us know how many players will be attending, we will try our best to collaborate you with another team.

We suggest making reservations at least one week in advance. The earlier, the better, as the chances of getting your preferred time. All bookings are subject to availability. Your choice of date may not be available, but alternative dates will always be offered.

For Advance Payments, you can use bank deposit. At the location, we accept only cash.

Visit our booking section, you have the option of Online booking or Phone booking.

Yes, we do recommend that you to make a booking, so will not get disappointed. Also, we are better prepared for you, when we know how many of you, and when you are coming.

Yes, you can make a temporary booking with us. But, your booking is confirmed with us only when we received your advance payment. Our booking process is very simple and convenient. Visit our booking section, for more details.

Yes! Not only you can add more paintballs, but you can also include Food, Beverages and Accommodation options, if you like. Check out our Packages for more information.

Yes, you can. But we cannot assure you of the availability, as there might be another booking right after you. So, even if you wish to play more, we might not be able to give you more time or more Paintballs. It’s always a good idea to buy extra Paintballs before, so you are assured of the extra time. If you would like to take a chance, then please go ahead.

No. All Paintballs used on fields must be purchased from ONE FOUR BASE. This helps us to ensure a safe visit for all players. For health and safety reasons all our Paintballs are industry approved, stored at the correct temperatures and meet the required manufacturing standards for bio-degradable Paintballs.

No. Paintball are not re-usable. Once you shoot your Paintballs, do not attempt to reload it. The Paintballs have dirt or particles on it and reloading these Paintballs, can caused for jam/malfunctioning of your Paintball marker. Also, old Paintballs left on the ground for any considerable time begin to swell, crack, or change shape due to weather conditions, again will cause for malfunctioning of your marker.

Of course! In fact, ONE FOUR BASE is one of the top choices for birthday parties and other group events. We have a number of small group and birthday party options ranging in size based on your needs.

To avoid getting lost, we suggest you take a printout of the Route Map Sketch from the website and take it with you. Still, if you do have trouble finding the location, call us directly. One of our staff members will assist you in finding the location.

We are open from 08.00 AM to 06.00 PM, all days of the week. We’re the biggest Paintball facilitator in Sri Lanka and operate all year round. But it’s a good idea to make a booking with us before you plan your Paintball session.

Yes, you can. However, change of booking would be subject to availability.

All the payments did to ONE FOUR BASE (including advance payments and cash paid for services provided by us) are non-refundable. If you do not turn up on your booking date, there would be no refund. However, an alternative date & time can be fixed depending on the availability.

We play in all weather conditions. Unless it’s the extreme. If your booking is cancel due to extreme weather, the affected group will be given an additional date.

ONE FOUR BASE reserves the right to cancel your booking without prior notice, if there are any extreme conditions prevailing like extreme weather conditions, or a technical problem, which are beyond the control and purview of ONE FOUR BASE in the event of cancellation on our behalf, an alternative date and time, will be offered, after a mutual decision with you.

Yes. But, we do not allow players to use alcohol at the Paintball field for safety reasons. Once you have finished playing the game, we can allow you to enjoy your day. We will not let anybody play if we think they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our Navigators will have the final decision.

We offer Paintball packages to suit almost any budget and requirements. For more details, Click here.