Now that you have decided to play Paintball, we would like to give you few tips so you can enjoy the most exciting Paintballing day to the edge. Like most things in life, prior preparation helps in Paintball too!


When playing Paintball, it is important to consider three keywords – Cover, Mobility and Confidence. During your first few games these keywords will help you stay longer in the game.

  • Cover : Whether it is a bunker, tyre or tree, staying behind by being covered is the easiest way to avoid getting hit. Try to avoid minimal cover and plan your movements from one shelter to another. Avoiding large and open spaces and that means your opponents must work hard to make their kill.
  • Mobility : While taking cover it is important to stay mobile as well. Staying in one place for too long will allow your opponents to track your position and possibly flank you. You should continue moving around, making sure to lay down and fire against any approaching enemy.
  • Confidence : Not having enough confidence will lead to a panicky situation that might get you killed. Likewise, overconfidence may lead to exposing yourself. Paintball may be a fast and active sport, but still is a game of strategy, not luck. Always check every direction and don’t make rash decisions.
  • Playing as a part of a team, requires cooperation and good communication skills. Depending on the type of game and strategy you may find yourself making some decisions to set a plan. So it’s good to follow your team leader’s commands in the game.


Below are some tips that can be used to improve your game without costing any more than you already spent.

  • Move : The key to Paintball is movement and there’s no better Paintball tip to learn how to move. You should learn how to move, when to move and move all the time.
  • Know what you and your equipment are capable of doing : If you know you can’t shoot worth anything when you run, then save it for practice and don’t try it in a game. If you know you can’t win a high speed shootout, don’t try. If you know your gun isn’t accurate beyond sixty feet, save your paint.
  • Don’t try to be the hero : Paintball players have a tendency to want to be the star of the show and that often gets them into trouble. If you want occasional individual glory, feel free to try every game to win on your own. If, though, you actually want to win regularly, focus on teamwork and strategy.
  • Plan : A good team strategy will almost win against superior fire power and numbers. Make sure you all work together and move according to your plan. This will never let you lose the game.
  • Practice on your own : Improve your game on your own time so that you are able to step on the field and perform. If you are good in playing defence then practice offense so that if your team needs you, you are ready to help.
  • Communication : The more you communicate the better you will do. Good communication will help you keep track of where on field the opposing players are and this will help you coordinate attacks.
  • Communication : Aim before you fire : A trap that many Paintball players fall into is to fire first and aim later. While it’s easy to fire lots of paint and walk your shot into your target, after the first shot your opponent knows to move and have much smaller chance getting a kill.