• When a Paintball bullet hits on you, and you are coloured, you are considered as “OUT”, and/or eliminated from the game, as per the rules of the particular mission being played.
  • If you are coloured by paint hitting an obstacle and splashing on you, it’s not considered as “OUT”. Literally the Paintball has to hit you to be considered as “OUT”. If you have chosen to play some variations of the game, like only “HEAD SHOTS”, or only “CHEST SHOTS” to be considered, then those rules would apply.
  • Any player who wipes the paint off themselves, during a game is cheating and will be disqualified.
  • Once a player is “OUT”, he/she should walk out of the field, with his/her Paintball Marker holding up, depending upon the rules of the game. Other players should not shoot a dead player. He/she can join back in the next round.
  • Navigators will be inside the field to monitor the match. Navigator’s decision will be considered as the final decision at all times.
  • Game duration depends on the package you choose and the way your game has tailor made for you. Maximum a game will extended for 01 to 03 hours.
  • Players can not pick up used or fallen bullets from the field and re-use them.
  • Players who are eliminated & spectators, cannot by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opponents to their teammates. This rule applies more to tournament and league matches. In a friendly match, prompting adds to the excitement of the game.
  • Players are not allowed to shoot or get aggressive with the Navigators or our staff. Players found doing so, would be immediately asked to leave.
  • Physical contact of any kind is not allowed during game.
  • Players & Spectators are not allowed to use abusive language.
  • Players should be honest & accept when they are considered “OUT”.


  • Face masks must be worn at all the time during game play and while inside the playing field. At no stage a player can remove his/her face mask during the game.
  • If you are shot on the face mask or you can’t see while wearing the mask, call a navigator who will assist you. Any player found lifting his/her face mask will be taken off the field immediately.
  • Minimum shooting distance of 20 feet should be observed while shooting the opponent. If you get closer than 20 feet, then no firing will be allowed. The players should move apart 20 feet and then shoot.
  • We don’t allow any shooting towards the human living area/beyond the boundaries of the battle field.
  • Always aim and fire. Do not fire without taking a proper aim.
  • When you need any help shout as “STOP FIRE”.
  • Safety Nob of the Paintball Marker should be on Safe mode all the time unless you hear “GAME ON”.
  • You need to put the Paintball Marker on “SAFE MODE” when instructed to “STOP FIRE”.
  • Firing Finger to be along the Trigger Guard all the time when you are not firing.
  • Outside the field the Paintball Marker should be put on to the “SAFE MODE” and must be carried with the barrel pointing towards the ground.
  • The following people are not to be shot at, under any circumstances:
  • - Anyone who is not wearing a mask

    - Any Referee/Navigator

    - Anyone who is already “OUT”

    - Spectators

  • All the above Safety Rules “MUST” be observed under all circumstances.
  • Players must “LISTEN” to Referees/Navigators at all times during matches.


  • Even though we provide Safety Jackets and Body Armours, all players should wear long-sleeve shirts and full length pants. (This is player’s responsibility not the event conductors.)
  • Wearing any kind of sport shoes is a mandatory requirement at the field.


  • Paintball Marker's safety is in the hand of the player and never break or damage it.
  • In any case of damage to the Paintball Marker player should pay the damage.