How to Improve Your Paintball Aim and Accuracy - Tips for Precision Shooting

There is nothing like the feeling of hitting your target in one shot. Yes. That is really good enough to be proud about yourself. It makes you feel powerful and skilled gamer. If your aim is more accurate, you can save many paintballs and more helpful to reach the victory of your team.

Accuracy is one of the most important skills which is needed for a paintball player. If you can’t hit your target, you will have difficulties in eliminating your opponents.

01. Practice

The best way to improve any skill is to practice more and more. Go to a shooting range or find another safe place to practice the Paintball Game. You can also practice by playing more games at ONE FOUR BASE. You can start with a stationary target with an average distance. Once you get good with that, you can try shooting at different angles and distances. After a while, you can try moving targets. You may not notice an increment in your ability right away, but if you keep practicing, you will be get better.

02. Test your marker before the game

Before starting the Paintball game, you should check your marker. Make sure that your marker is clean because, dirt in the marker can change the direction and speed of the paintball. And also you can test how your marker fires. Find a safe place to fire with no one in around. Then pick a target and fire at it. Watch where it goes. If it does not fly completely straight, adjust your aim and try again for a better shot. Keep testing until you figure out, how to adjust your aim, so every new shot will more accurate than previous one.

03. Align your marker with your view

Another most helpful technique is to line up your marker with your eyes. If you don’t center the gun with your body, it is more difficult to judge angles correctly. By centering it, you can ensure the paintball flies where you want it to go. Be careful, though, if your marker recoils a lot, it may fly back toward your face. Although you are wearing a mask, you still don’t want to hit yourself in the face. If parts of your marker block your view, tilt it slightly to the side so you can see. Try to keep it as centered as possible.

04. Be patience and relax

Some Paintball players get so excited, and they forget to take time for aiming correctly. If an opponent jump out, your first instinct is to start shooting in their general direction. Whether they see you right away or not, the sound of your shooting will alert them of your position. Then they will start firing back at you. If they are an accurate shooter, you will be out of the game. It will only take a few extra seconds to aim. You just need to have patience and keep your focus. If you have dozens of thoughts cluttering your mind, it will be difficult to hit your target. You might be surprised just how much a little extra attention can improve your accuracy.

05. Check your position

In any sport, coaches teach players the proper positions and movements to win with accurate techniques. In the paintball game, position will affect for your aim. If you are in an awkward position, you will be in difficult situation to angle your gun and fire straight. The best position to be with, is your chest and toes pointed toward your target. Center your gun with your body.

06. Moving targets

During the Paintball game, players are always on the move. Your target won’t always be standing still. A common technique for moving targets is to lead them. Judge your target’s speed and keep your gun pointed ahead of them. When you pull the trigger, predict where your opponent will be in the Paintball field. Then figure out how long it will take the paintball to reach your target. Combine your calculations and fire at just the right moment. Hitting a moving target will take plenty of practice. However, if you master this skill, you will become a valuable player.

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